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This mobile bar is designed to be an easy to use high flow draught beer serving station for the CRAFT London bar situated right outside the O2.

When events are being run at the O2 quite often there is a surge of people leaving the venue who want a beer on their way through. This bar has been designed to break down into a relatively small space with all the necessary dispense equipment housed in one half of it. The other half can be easily detached and stored separately or together making this an extremely versatile and uniquely stylish bar. Our little style flourishes include custom lazer etched signage on the front and completely-for-show-only industrial black bolts that look as if they’re robustly holding things together but actually do nothing except make it look good.
The main thing is that with the largest cooler we could fit in as well as utilising the latest in fast cooling hydro-carbon technologies this bar will be ready to take on the thirsty CRAFT hungry punters of the O2