Hop Stuff brewery are one of the fastest growing breweries in the country and are currently under going massive expansion. As part of that expansion they are setting up new sites across the South East with their first new site being installed in Deptford.

This system was created to meet the requirements of a high flow bar whilst dispensing a range of 16 different products. As a craft beer bar this install is expected to be able to dispense beers of every colour often with very distinct flavour profiles which the brewers have spent hours crafting and honing recipes to get the best it can be. We didn’t want to install a system which would dispense beer so cold you’ll never taste any of that hard work. That’s why we designed a system on which you can have lagers dispensed very cold, your pale ales and porters at a higher temperature and your ales dispensed at the 10-12 degrees CAMRA members enjoy.

The bar construction on this project was created by a third party build team with input from us about how and where to fit place holes and fittings. We arranged the cellar climate control to be installed by a Gas Safe registered refrigerant technician which ensured that the most efficient system was installed to keep the beer in tip top condition whilst in storage and our dispense technicians installed all of the important pipework to get the beer from keg to glass.