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Grin and Beer It are a brand new Craft Beer bottle shop based in Finsbury Park, London; as well as their selection of over 200 bottles the owners also wanted to offer a draught selection for their customers to drink on site.

The space available for this install was limited and so a full climate controlled cellar was out of the question. Instead we used a series of cooling pods and installed everything underneath the counter, this allows us to limit the length of the beer lines and eliminate some of the issues caused by storing kegs at room temperature.

One of the main advantages of this system when used in Craft Beer bars is that we can run the installation in a way that allows a valve to be installed which regulates the flow of coolant to each tap. This means that the dispense temperature can be set independently on each tap. Craft Beer has a wide variety of dispense temperatures depending on which style of beer is being dispensed.