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Hop Stop has had a shop by Oxted Train Station for several years; this year they decided to expand to a prominent premises the Priory Park in Reigate. Having had success serving a variety of Cask at their existing property they wanted to have a professional cellar installation to get the best out of the products they’re serving.

Due to the nature of the products Hop Stop serve the dispense temperature is vital to showcasing the products at their finest and so from the start we worked with Hop Stop to create a bar that had perfect Cask dispense temperature as well as having independently variable temperatures on each of the keg lines.
Having had a good lead into this install we were able to work with Hop Stop to ensure they designed the space to create the optimum set up. Considering the cellar space was fairly limited we managed to fit everything in with space for everything from cask stillage to the cooling equipment. As a consequence the bar functions amazingly well with a wide variety of different products and cooling requirements.