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For this corporate event taking place in one of the most prestigious venues London has to offer we were asked to create a ‘Real Ale Pub’ in the Fusilier Regiments Museum building.

As an event with many foreign business people attending we wanted them to experience an authentic selection of traditional English Bitters and Pale Ales. Without a proper cellar venting and conditioning the casks was a challenge as usually a stable temperature of 10-13degrees is required. Ultimately we wanted to show the attendees these beers in there best possible condition as a lot of them would be experiencing a English Bitter for the first time.
After setting the bar and decor up the night before we used a series of cooling jackets to keep the beer at a stable conditioning temperature in the cask. Just before the attendees arrived we removed the cooling jackets and dressed the casks with the copper drip trays and the oversized shield branding. The proof was in the pour though, as the first pints started getting poured we could see the perfect level of residual carbonation, no oxidisation and of course – the taste was spot on.