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After two years of designing, testing and editing our in-house high flow festival bar we decided to take it to Kent County Show and really put it through it’s paces.

Our bar is based on our tap room installations that we have done for craft beer breweries allowing for an almost unlimited number of beers on tap. It’s modular design means that it can easily be scaled from 9 taps up to virtually any number that is required. We decided to keep some of the cellar equipment on display allowing customers to choose products from the chalk board or by the colour displayed in the vials above the taps. At peak time this bar was handling about 700 pints an hour and if needed we could up that capacity easily to over 1000 by using a different cooler configuration.

As part of our ethical policy we try to be low carbon footprint and low plastic as much as possible and that ethos has been built into this bar from the ground up. The bar is constructed entirely of reclaimed pallet wood and put together by our in-house fabrication team. Rather than using plastic bottled lemonade and tonic for our cocktails we instead used a carbonated water and a soft drink gun. As all our pint cups were biodegradable and we didn’t use a single plastic bottle it means that the only plastic used in this bar was the KeyKegs and they’re soon to be end-to-end recycled.