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Land Rover Series & Defender Specialists


Wait, hang on! A beer company fixing Land Rovers?

Yea, I won’t lie this wasn’t part of the original business plan.
Long story short my Brother, Chris, is a bit of a whizz with a spanner (he is more than a whizz actually he is a Level 3 qualified agricultural engineer with over 8 years experience fixing and fabricating any machinery that’s required to keep one of the biggest Strawberry farms in England ticking over) and is basically obsessed with Land Rovers. At the age of 27 he has already completely rebuilt his own Defender from the chassis up on a shoe string with the help of me and our trusty sidekick Michael and he spends more time repairing heavy machinery than I personally think is healthy.
Back when we were rebuilding his Defender we had a crazy idea for a bar design in the back of a Series 3. This was only ever a dream that we spoke about at the end of an evening with a few beers down us but when corona virus hit I decided I would put the bounce back loan into a project to keep us occupied and that project was the Series 3 conversion we’d been dreaming about doing several years previously.

In the process of purchasing our beloved ex-MOD Series 3 we bumped into some ‘characters’ in the Land Rover world and I realised that my brother, despite being half their age had more knowledge and practical experience than most of them.

…and so,

Brau Wurk was born! A Land Rover Specialist (Chris) with almost a decade of professional experience and an Entrepreneur (Charles) with over a decade of professional experience go into business together. The rest is yet to be written.