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This mobile bar is designed to be an easy to set up draught beer serving station.

The mobile bar is a standalone unit for use outside the O2 Arena and after gigs there is surge of people wanting a drink before heading home. The bar breaks down into two sections which means it can be easily wheeled along for storage/removal. One half of this mobile bar houses all of the dispense equipment to connect four kegs and the other half can be used to store extra kegs, glassware etc.

The mobile bar has been designed to make basic materials look unique and interesting.
The finishing touches make this bar stand out like the way we specifically applied varnish to bring out the layers of the plywood or oversized industrial bolts. We selected a custom 4-in-1 font to finish off the bar.
The mobile bar houses the largest cooler we could fit which utilises the latest in fast cooling technology. This bar will be ready to take on the thirsty CRAFT drinkers of the O2.Order Here