How Does it Work?

We deliver pub quality beer and real ale directly to your door using resealable bottles called “Growlers”. Prior to each refill the Growler is thoroughly cleaned to prevent cross contamination during storage. Just before filling we purge the growler with CO2 to remove any oxygen from the container which would decrease the lifespan and quality of the product inside.
We are delivering weekly and you can order as many different beers as you like for each delivery, you will need to purchase a Growler (refundable) for each different beer you would like.
There is a full list of the current available beers below and you can order easily using our online shop page.



Place your order on our Shop Page. You will need to purchase a resealable bottle (A.K.A “Growler”) for each beer you choose.



Choose your beer from our shop page and we deliver it to your doorstep.

Latest Beers:
  • Alphabet Steeplejack Porter Home Delivery Kent
    Porter , Vegan

    5 – Alphabet – SteepleJack (5.3% Porter)

    Growler Deposit Required

    Approx £3.76 Per Pint

    Untappd Rating: 3.7/5

    This Porter is a completely different beast to the other Porter we have on this week. Rather than sweet praline luxury this been comes with a deep, smoky body with a lingering bitterness that’ll make you sit up straight. Smoked beers are one of my favourite styles and this is unashamed in reveling in …

  • Downlands Persistent Squirrel Porter Home Delivery Kent

    4 – Downlands – Persistent Squirrel (5.9% Porter)

    Growler Deposit Required

    Approx £3.53 Per Pint

    Untappd Rating: No Rating! To Fresh

    Back with another smooth and luxurious porter which delivers bags of hazlenut and chocolate flavours in a silky package. This beer is not vegan and it does contain nuts – being a hazlenut porter.

  • Polly Uncanny Valley IPA Home Delivery Kent
    IPA , Pale Ale

    3 – Polly’s – Uncanny Valley (6.0% IPA)

    Growler Deposit Required

    Approx £4.03 Per Pint

    Untappd Rating: 4.0/5

    Delivering from Saturday 20th
    Pollys are a welsh brewery who have been grown in providence for a couple of years now earning respect for consistently producing a wide range of top quality hop-lead beers. Uncanny Valley really shows off whet they can do, it’s silky smooth, bags of stone fruit flavours and a very …

Deliveries run every Thursday, you will receive a ETA on the Wednesday before delivery. Cut off time for delivery is Wednesday Morning.
More information on deliveries during the Covid-19 outbreak is available at the bottom of the page

Deliver Beer to your Doorstep



Once the Growler is empty you reorder using the shop, this time you require the Refill only.



You leave the empty Growlers on your doorstep and we replace them with full ones.

Deliver Beer Refill to your Doorstep

We are all ears! If you would like us to sell a specific product please leave us a message in the Suggestion Box and we will do the leg work to see if it is something we can offer at present.

Covid Delivery

Covid-19 Information

Due to the Corona Outbreak and Lockdown we are taking extra steps to ensure your safety:

  • We will only make deliveries to the doorstep to ensure social distancing is maintained.
  • The bottles we deliver have been hygienically cleaned prior to filling.
  • Upon delivery we are using a disinfectant capable of killing viruses (EN 1276) to clean the bottle and ensure any areas that have been touched during transit are safe to handle.
  • When collecting empties we are going through the same process prior to picking them up to ensure we are not transmitting anything between deliveries.