Keg Dispenser Hire – Guinness Beer Tap

 £169.00 - £253.50 - ex VAT

Dispenses 1 or 2 kegs. Up to 2 week Hire.

Have a pub style beer system installed where ever you like. Our proprietary system is quickly set up by one of our team and designed to keep the beer pouring perfectly for up to 2 weeks.

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Price includes delivery, set up and collection, lead times are usually 4-5 working days.

This is a pub style bar system which comes with an industry specification cooler and tap. The system is capable of doing 80 pints per hour, per line and uses a specialist Co2 system that will keep the keg fresh and pouring well for up to 2 weeks.

These taps need to be mounted onto a surface that can be 25mm – 65mm. The cooling equipment and gas system can be placed on the floor under neath the tap or on a shelf easily.

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