CO2 Gas Automatic Regulator System

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This system autmatically adjusts the back pressure of your system for the ambient storage temperature allowing your beer to last longer and pour perfectly for several weeks. Free Local Delivery. If you only would like the regulator system delivered nationally please speak to one of the team.


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Never set pressure on your system again! This system automatically senses the ambient temperature and adjusts your pressure for you. If you have kegs stored in an area like a garden room where the ambient temperature fluctuates a lot throughout the year this bit of kit could save you a lot of wastage and should help your keg last with the correct carbonation past 4 weeks.

With the latest Pressure System Code of Conduct (6th Edition) we can now supply CO2 systems with a pressure output of 45psi meaning you can have lagers stored at ambient temperatures of 30degrees and still have the beer pouring perfectly.

CO2 gas systems are best used with Lagers, Sparkling Ciders and other carbonated kegs where the crispness of the product makes a big difference to the taste. Compared to mixed gas CO2 can often be harder to get the pressure right. These automatic systems eliminate a lot of the issues that usually come with Co2.

This system will come set up for you and complete with the Primary Reducer, Automatic Secondary, Fittings and legal paperwork for your pressure system. The Automatic Secondary simply screws onto the gas inlet on your keg coupler.

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