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We are a fully licensed and British Beer and Pubs Association certified home delivery Off License that specialises in installation, keg supply and maintenance for home or office bars. In the years that we have been creating amazing home and office bars we have supplied services to clients ranging from bars integrated into private kitchens to bars installations in some London’s busiest offices.



Offices, man caves, kitchens, garden rooms, pool houses – We cater for all types of private bars taking care of everything from the installation to the keg supply and maintenance of your bar.

We understand that getting a home bar installed can be a big step with very few people having worked on a bar and even less with any experience of managing the cellar equipment so our home and office bar systems are tailored to your specific requirements taking into account the volume of use, keg choice and level of maintenance required.

There are two main types of home bar system you can use – Kegerator or Flash Cooler. Both systems can easily be set up to dispense 1 – 4 kegs.

Flash Cooler

Keg Bar at Home & Office Flash Cooler Kent

These are the most common type of installation and uses industry standard equipment to set you up a bar that would be comparable to most restaurant or micro pub set ups. The beer is stored at ambient temperature so the life span of the keg is reduced.
This set up is ideal for households/offices that will get through a keg in a couple of weeks or where the bar will be used predominately for socialising and entertaining.


Keg Home & Office Kegerator

The Kegerator has gained popularity in the US and Germany but they are more of a specialist bit of kit with only few producers manufacturing a unit that meets UK specifications.  The keg is stored at dispense temperature so the beer lifespan is a lot longer than with a Flash Cooler set up.
Ideal for Craft Beer lovers who want to keep their beer in the best condition possible or those that want a very low maintenance bar installation.

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Beer – Cider – Prosecco – Real Ale – Cocktails

After we’ve installed your bar you are going to need some kegs to connect to it! We can supply a wide range of kegs from well known brands and emerging craft brewers that represent an array of different styles and tastes.
We have spent a lot of time researching the market so if you are ever in the mood to try something new then ask one of the team to recommend you a product.

We have a list of kegs available for to view and easily order online HERE. If you cannot see the product you want then ask a member of the team, in most cases we will be able to supply it for you.

Recommended Kegs:


Starting at £155+VAT per keg our packages are best suited for Office bar clients where regular keg deliveries and maintenance needs to be carried out due to the higher volume of usage.
The price includes a 30L keg, hygiene check and line cleaning, gas top up and 30 days of basic repair cover.

This option gives you the peace of mind that your bar will be regularly topped up and maintained for you with very little input from yourself and if anything does go wrong you will have it repaired as part of the keg cost.

There is no minimum contract term and no minimum keg order. Simply order kegs as and when you need them or book us in to deliver regularly.



Our maintenance services come with the knowledge and expertise that can only be achieved by going through the British Beer and Pubs Association‘s certification process.


Bars need regular maintenance to ensure great tasting beer and high levels of hygiene. With our bar installations we provide you with the equipment and instructions to maintain the system yourself; however we know some people prefer the peace-of-mind and ease of a trained professional doing it for them.

for £20 incVAT We offer a full hygiene check up service where we check the system over including all fittings, gas, temperatures as well as a line clean and full anti-viral disinfection on all surfaces.

Cellar Gas

CO2 or Mixed Gas is an integral part of our installation, the type of gas and correct pressure settings are one of the most important parts in keeping the beer tasting and dispensing as it should.
We supply a specific size of gas cylinder for home and office bars which helps meet a higher standard of Risk Assessment than the large bottles. We can supply larger bottles if required.

Small gas cylinders hold enough gas for roughly 2-3 kegs and cost £20 incVAT.