Here at Love Beer Bars Ltd, we are all about expanding one’s cultural horizons, and we aren’t just saying that because we have an extensive range of temptingly priced kegs of German lager for sale!

Well, OK, we’ll admit: we might be slightly leaning towards that. However, with beer being so fundamental to German culture, and the country’s legendary “Purity Law” ensuring the clear regulation of ingredients, there are many good reasons for us Brits to sample a few of the finest German beverages, even when we aren’t on holiday to Bavaria. 

In fact, we’ve picked out just three from our current broad range of kegs of German lager for sale, to help you with your journey through the best taste sensations the Old Continent has to offer. Why not take advantage now for your home or office bar? 

Paulaner Münchner Hell

We just mentioned Bavaria – which accounts for more than half of Germany’s approximately 1,500 breweries – so we might as well put our first spotlight on a beverage that represents, in Paulaner’s words, “the true symbol of Munich”. 

With its combination of a clear and sparkling bright golden appearance – crowned by a pure white head – and its mild, elegant, and malty taste, Münchner Hell certainly lives up to the glorious reputation of lagers emerging from the southern German state. 

Paulaner itself is a Munich brewery dating back to 1634, and it deservedly retains its reputation to this day as one of Germany’s strongest-selling beers. 

Hofbräu Original 

The Munich brewery known as Hofbräu München has an even longer history than Paulaner, having been founded by no less than the Duke of Bavaria, Wilhelm V, in 1589. Today, it remains in the ownership of the Bavarian state government. 

And what better way could there be of paying homage to Hofbräu’s long and esteemed history, than sipping some luminous golden yellow Hofbräu Original? This malty, full-bodied, and mature lager – complete with a foamy white crown – embodies all the sophistication and balance that one would expect from one of the city’s most iconic beers. 

It’s just the thing for enjoying with pretzels and snacks that will have you feeling even more positively Germanic, even if the closest you ever get to Bavaria is the BMW on your drive.

Hacker-Pschorr Münchner Gold

Hacker-Psychorr itself might have only taken its present form in 1972 when two breweries – Hacker and Pschorr – merged, but for generations before that, Münchner Gold had already been in production. So naturally, this 5.5% golden lager just had to take pride of place among our kegs of German lager for sale. 

If you have somehow managed to go through life without yet experiencing the pleasures of this mature classic, you can expect an alluring bread aroma and a slightly stronger original wort. 

These elements, combined with its smooth feel and crisp hopped finish, make Münchner Gold a tasty complement to traditional Bavarian snacks. You, your loved ones, or your colleagues might enjoy it with bread, salad, cheese, and sliced meats, and it even goes nicely with fish, seafood, and chicken. 

There you have it – three examples of our kegs of German lager for sale that serve as just a small sampling of the beer-brewing glory of Bavaria. You don’t need to be planning an Oktoberfest party for it to make sense to try these, or any of the other German beers in our range. So, why not pick out a few that you’re curious about today, as a pathway to authentically Bavarian bliss?