With Oktoberfest celebrations generally winding down by the time one gets into the first week of October, you might be looking to switch up your drinking habits in a somewhat different way over the coming weeks. 

Not all your September and October drinking has to be “autumnal”, of course; when you next seek out a beer keg for home or several, you might simply be looking to indulge in new taste experiences. 

So, the below is a somewhat idiosyncratic list; nonetheless, it includes some options for your seasonal tipples that you might not have previously thought of. 

Budvar Dark Lager 

Dark lagers are a fine choice for the autumn, being very much the beer equivalent of a dependable autumn jumper. So, when you are seeking out a suitably fall-appropriate beer keg for home use, Budvar Dark Lager – which feels like a throwback to a less complicated era of Bohemian beer brewed with roasted and dark malts – could be an excellent “staple” for the season. 

Paulaner Weissbier Dunkel 

Returning to the dark-lager theme, we might be heading out of Oktoberfest season, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be helping yourself to some new (or old) German favourites. And this malty and spicy option could fit the bill nicely for enlivening your autumn; it is a dark-amber offering that is unmistakably and classically Bavarian, brewed by the oldest independent brewery in Munich. 

Westmalle Dubbel

Westmalle Dubbel is a medium-bodied and soothing, bitter-chocolaty-tasting Belgian beer. It is especially satisfying when served in a chalice glass, and complemented nicely with chocolate or beef. At 7%, our 20-litre keg serves up to 35 mouthwatering pints. 

Timmermans Strawberry fruit lambic

Another offering from Belgium, this deep-red coloured beer brings fruity-sweet zings, providing easy-to-drink aromas of tart ripe strawberries, bubblegum, and strawberry marmalade. At 4%, this refreshing 30-litre keg offers up to 53 palatable pints.

As the nights draw in and the leaves turn red and golden, now is the time to embark on a renewed voyage of discovery with your drinking choices. There is no better or more convenient resource when you are seeking to purchase a beer keg for home than our own store at Love Beer Bars Ltd, not least given the free delivery we also offer!