Could this be the year football finally comes home? Well, if you’re an England fan, it won’t happen immediately, what with the FIFA World Cup this time being held in Qatar – but with any luck, Gareth Southgate’s men will go one step further than their EUROs runner-up status last year.

Or, of course, you might be a follower of one of the other nations set to compete in the tournament, and eager to see Harry Kane, Jordan Henderson, Marcus Rashford, and their compatriots put in their place. 

Whatever your own ‘stake’ in the World Cup might be, it all begins on Sunday 20th November, when the hosts are set to face Ecuador in Group A. But as you’re reading this and looking around your home in your preparations for the tournament, you might be thinking to yourself that something’s a bit… missing? 

Yes, you know what we’re about to (humbly) suggest! It’s one thing to have your favourite beer to hand from the supermarket, but it’s quite another thing to have that beloved beverage on tap, right there in your abode, with no need to rush out to the shop to immediately stock up again. 

Your very own home bar, then, could be the perfect complement to the festivities of the tournament, as the players you’re cheering on plot a quest for glory on the pitch, hopefully culminating in an appearance in the Final on 18th December. But why should you source yours from our own team at Love Beer? 

We don’t offer just ‘any old’ beer-on-tap system… 

…what we effectively offer you, is a fully functioning bar. We make available professional keg dispensers consisting of all the equipment you need in order to create a home bar within a space as small as 50 centimetres squared, with the able assistance of our trained technicians. 

Click through now to the page of our site dedicated to keg dispenser hire to discover the possibilities. As the World Cup action nears, we’re making available an extensive range of new taps that can be hired directly from our website. 

With beer taps available for hire dispensing many of the most popular beverages including Moretti, Estrella, Guinness, Kronenbourg 1964, and Carling, you can be sure of quickly having your favourite beer on tap as part of the complete home bar system. 

Our proprietary pub-style beer system will be the envy of all your mates who join you to watch every pass, shot, and goal, as the world’s elite national teams duke it out for the FIFA World Cup Trophy. The automatic regulator that is incorporated in our beer-on-tap systems allows us to guarantee your beer will pour perfectly, and will be properly carbonated for up to two weeks. 

Naturally, these beer dispensing systems can also work really well for all manner of other sporting events, so it’s not just the World Cup when you might think about hiring one. 

When it comes to all your home-bar needs this winter – whether you are on the lookout for a complete sophisticated beer dispensing system, or perhaps barrels of no-alcohol beer, low-alcohol beer, or classic favourites like Beavertown, Fosters, or Peroni, we here at Love Beer can help.