Even mere references to the notion of a “workplace drinking culture” might seem decidedly retro these days. After all, our wider culture has moved on a lot from the era when it might have been presumed that everyone on staff would appreciate a tipple or two in the company of their colleagues. 

Some employees of your organisation might refrain from alcohol for religious or medical reasons, while others may simply avoid alcoholic beverages due to personal preference – and that’s absolutely fine. It’s a great thing that in the 2020s, non-drinkers are no longer treated as social outcasts in the way they might have once been. 

The Christmas season, though, might heighten the risk of some employers falling back into older habits. And here at Love Beer, as a company that provides a comprehensive service for those wishing to set up an in-house office bar or pub, we feel the need to point out that even our own services don’t entirely centre around alcohol. 

As well as all the key equipment you will require in order to establish your company bar, we have a range of kegs of 0% beer for sale that will help ensure even non-drinkers on your team can feel included in the celebrations. 

Remember to apply consideration and common sense in your treatment of non-drinkers 

Hopefully, the fact that you’re reading this will indicate you are already conscientious about ensuring non-drinkers are as much a part of the Christmas festivities at your office as drinkers will be.  

That will include making ensure you don’t present alcohol – such as a bottle of Champagne – as a gift to anyone, unless you are sure they really would appreciate it. It should also mean being sure to avoid alcohol being central to your office party or team get-together – a night out at everyone’s favourite eatery, or even a quiz night in the office or at a bar, can be held without either drinkers or non-drinkers feeling alienated or excluded. 

Thanks to sobriety being made much more mainstream as a lifestyle choice by Millennials and Generation Zers, it is much less frequent these days for non-drinkers to feel like an “oddball” or “weirdo” for not drinking. 

But it is still important to be vigilant against the worst aspects of old-school workplace drinking culture creeping back in with your own team. Whether or not you take your pick from our own selection of kegs of 0% beer for sale at Love Beer, we can help you set up an in-house bar at your work premises that takes into account a greatly changed world.