We are undoubtedly in fast-changing times; there continues to be uncertainty about whether we will or will not soon be in recession, while the cost-of-living (and cost-of-doing-business) crisis is still a great worry for many people.  

Among all of that, however, there is opportunity – if you know where to look for it. There are some fine examples of that in the markets that we serve here at Love Beers Bars. 

The COVID-19 pandemic, for instance, which saw many pubs and eateries closed for extended periods, helped inspire a surge in stay-at-home drinking that has since translated into a sustained trend. But as of 2023, we also now have in-person events being revived in a major way. 

It doesn’t surprise us here at Love Beer Bars, then, that we have seen strong demand for our beer kegs and pop-up bar systems, the latter enabling kegs to be served easily and consistently as part of a broader convenient bar setup. 

In short, even amid uncertainty, people up and down the UK are learning to “party on” – and this has helped inspire the continued growth of my own business. 

And did you know that you can now join in that success? Yes, as part of our ongoing growth plans, we are now presenting exciting opportunities to become a franchisee of ours, which would enable you to run your own business under our name, utilising our support resources. 

“But wouldn’t it be expensive for me to become a beer shop franchisee?” 

If you’ve landed here after performing a Google search for “beer store franchise cost”, or even if you’re just curious to know how pricey it would be to run a beer shop franchise business, the good news is that it won’t necessarily be as costly as you think. And the rewards, both monetary and otherwise, can be considerable. 

Our beer-store franchise start-up fee is just £14,900 plus VAT, while our monthly fees represent great value for money, given the comprehensive support we make available to our franchisees. The management fee is just 4%, and the marketing fee 2%. 

You will also need some working capital to enable your beer store franchise business to get off the ground, and this is something we will be able to discuss in greater detail with you when you enquire for more information from our franchise consultants. 

With our start-up package including comprehensive induction training, hands-on support for two months, business launch support, and an exclusive territory in which to operate as the local Love Beer Bars franchise – to cite just some of the perks you will receive for your investment – we can provide strong foundations for the success of your business. 

As for what returns you might be able to expect – a pilot that has operated in London for several months has already begun to generate more than £10,000 turnover each month, achieving a healthy operating margin of about 20%. 

Could now be the time to make your move? 

We are presently seeking out potential franchisees in such areas of the UK as Birmingham, Essex, the Midlands, the South West and South East. 

So, if the aforementioned beer store franchise cost sounds acceptable to you, and you are interested in starting out in business with the help of an established brand like ours, please don’t hesitate to complete and submit our online contact form to progress your application.