Yes, it’s that time of year again – the sun is in the sky for longer each day, more of us are baring a bit of skin, and barbecues are becoming inexplicably common once more. The great British summer of ’23 is upon us, but do you know what could complete the experience for you? 

We are, of course, suggesting the party kegs of beer that, here at Love Beer Bars Ltd, we are pleased to be able to make available to those with home or office bars. 

As the summer continues to heat up, we’re all turning to our favourite choice of cold beverage. As for what those favourites are, we currently seeing particular interest in lager, craft beer, and cider kegs. 

So, what exact summer party kegs of beer are we most enjoying for refreshment in the sun here at Love Beer Bars Ltd, and that we would therefore recommend to you? 

Below, we’ve picked a few of them out. 

The lager kegs that you simply must try this summer 

There’s nothing like sipping on a lager or several in the summer sun – crisp, refreshing, and best served ice cold, they just seem to tick all the boxes, and then a few more. 

So, unsurprisingly, we have gone out of our way to ensure there are some excellent summer-ready lager kegs in our stock right now, including: 

  • Birra Moretti: this authentically Italian quality lager is a crowd favourite, and currently on sale. 
  • Camden Hells: a crisp and refreshing lager that has burst onto the scene in recent years, and which is widely available. 
  • Stella Artois: having been subject to a facelift and some reputation management, this classic golden-coloured Belgian lager is now becoming one of the more popular party kegs of beer on our list! 
  • Rothaus: easily in our top three lagers, there aren’t a lot of beers we’d rather drink than this dry, tangy German lager. It is a brilliant example of a crisp and refreshing pilsner.
  • Ayinger Hell: when we said Rothaus was in our top three, it’s in there with this beer. Ayinger Hell is an excellent choice if you want to see what a Hells lager is like when it is done, and it is probably the most “lager-tasting” lager we have in our stock. 

Or what about some satisfying craft beer? 

If you want something special for your office or home draft beer system this summer, craft beer kegs can offer something truly unique. 

These beers are very seasonal. So, if you would like us to send you an extended list, please talk to our team, and we will be able to present you with information on the latest available craft beer kegs for sale. 

Those beers could include the likes of: 

  • Burnt Mill Pintle: this brewery regularly produces some amazing IPAs, and this pale ale is in a similar vein. It’s always available, and always tastes great. 
  • Deya Steady Rolling Man: a pale ale that represents no less than hop perfection, being light and refreshing while still giving a proper kick of flavour. 
  • Verdant Lightbulb: if you’re fond of pale ale, you have probably tried Verdant previously, and Lightbulb is a part of this brewery’s regularly available core product range. Verdant is constantly releasing seasonal beers, so please ask a member of our team if you would like something even more special than this already special pale ale. 

We’re an excellent source of cider kegs, too 

Finally, if you would also like to have cider represented among the party kegs of beer that you purchase from us for this summer, you can pretty much pick any from our list. 

The Kentish Pip Skylark and High Diver ciders, for instance, are highly satisfying choices. Then, there is the refreshing medium dry cider known as Thatchers Gold, which enjoys a strong association with Glastonbury Festival due to its (now sadly elapsed) sponsorship of the event. 

There you have it – a demonstration of how, when it comes to sourcing the perfect summer party kegs of beer for you and your friends or family, you will be spoilt for great choices browsing the Love Beer Bars online store. Why wait any longer, then, to explore our selections, in order to make the most of the season?